Dr. Terhorst is a professor at Vanguard University of Southern California where he teaches general and organic chemistry and spectroscopy. His interests are in the areas of undergraduate education and research, organic and physical organic chemistry, and chemical theory. His undergraduate research projects involve computational chemistry and pharmaceutical design within the scope of quantum mechanical (QM) and molecular mechanical (MM) techniques.

In 2011, Dr. Terhorst completed a Ph.D. in computational chemistry in the Jorgensen Research Group at Yale University. His dissertation focused on the use of continuum solvent models in free-energy calculations of binding affinities for the development of therapeutic agents targeting infectious, inflammatory, and hyperproliferative diseases.

Dr. Terhorst has 15 years of experience in instruction of chemistry, including general and organic chemistry lecture and lab courses, as a professor, teaching fellow, teacher's assistant, and individual tutor. You can find his tutoring profile since 2012 at WyzAnt.

Dr. Terhorst is a proud recipient of a Canine Companions for Independence service dog. His dog, a yellow lab named Yan, has been helping him at home and in the classroom since 2015.

In November, 2002, Dr. Terhorst appeared on CBS's The Price is Right and won the Showcase Showdown, representing the University of Redlands and taking home over $48,000 worth of prizes.